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The Southern Bite Cookbook by Stacey Little+-P2P

n the South, a conversation among home cooks can be just about as illuminating as any culinary education. Luckily for Stacey Little, home cooks run in the family.
Whether it’s fried chicken or pimento cheese, fruit salad or meatloaf, everybody’s family does it a little differently. The Southern Bite is a celebration of those traditions and recipes every Southern family is proud to own. It’s the Pecan Chicken Salad that’s mandatory for every family reunion and the hearty Goulash, so comforting after a long day. It’s the Glazed Ham that makes its way to the Easter table every year.
If you’re lucky enough to hail from the South, you’ll no doubt find some familiar favorites from your own family recipe archives, along with a whole slew of surprises from Southern families a lot like yours! There’s Turnip Green Dip for your next party, Chicken Corn Chowder for those chilly fall nights, and Cornbread Salad for when you really need to make an impression.
No matter what’s cooking, Little’s goal is the same: to revel in the culinary tradition all Southerners share. These are the recipes that bring us together and the meals our families will cherish for generations to come.

The Southern Bite Cookbook: 150 Irresistible Dishes from 4 Generations of My Family’s Kitchen by Stacey Little, Christy Jordan-P2P
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The Art of the Party by Kay Plunkett-Hogge-P2P

Kay Plunkett-Hogge demonstrates that entertaining need not be stressful with more than 90 deliciously simple recipes for cocktails and finger food that can easily be scaled up and made in advance. Kay draws on her own party-planning experience to help you be the perfect host, with handy tips on everything from guest list to painless clean-up.
Features favourite recipes from three of Kay’s previous books, including the award-winning Make Mine A Martini, as well as new creations such as Mini Cornbreads with Bacon, Chilli and Cheese, Smoked Mackerel Paté and Scandinavian Glögg.

The Art of the Party: Drinks & Nibbles for Easy Entertaining by Kay Plunkett-Hogge-P2P
English |    ePUB reader  |  Food & Drink  | 9 MB
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Grill like a master by Charles Coan-P2P

The Basics Of Grilling : Covers what you need to know before you can even hope to become a grillmaster.
Building The Fire : The first step in successful grilling is knowing how to build the fire. This chapter will teach you the different types of fires and how to build them.
Cooking The Food : Now that you know how to build the fire and how to tell what temperature your coals are at, you need to know how to cook the food. This chapter gives you the tips you need on proper cooking.
Beyond The Basics : Direct And Indirect Methods Of Grilling – In this chapter you will learn how and when to use these two methods of grilling.
Searing-The Secret To The Perfect Steak : Learning the correct way to sear food on the grill will have everyone at your next gathering calling you the “grillmaster”
Rubs-Enhancing The Flavor Of Your Meats : Teaches you the proper way to add flavor enhancing rubs.
Appetizers On The Grill : Think grilling is a lonely and thankless job. Try making appetizers on the grill and you will have everyone gathering around and complimenting your expertise.
Learning the proper methods of grilling isn’t difficult when you have the proper information. That is what Be A Grillmaster will give you.

Grill like a master by Charles Coan-P2P
English |    ePUB reader  |  Food & Drink  | 191 KB
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The No Garlic Cookbook by Keith Chamberlain-P2P

The aim of this book: to transform our lives (and plates!) with garlic-free cooking.
Currently, millions of people across the globe – from those with intolerances or allergies to those who just can’t stand the smell of garlic – are struggling to find an alternative to garlic or are simply putting up with it.
However, it’s entirely possible to take control of our cooking and what we eat, while still using choice fresh ingredients and producing some truly mouth-watering dishes, all with absolutely no use of garlic.
This is the first of many future volumes of No Garlic cookbooks, packed with recipes that have been ¬fine-tuned over the years for people who, like me, have constantly been on the lookout for garlic-free recipes that are healthy, nutritious and delicious. Inside, you will learn about countries that you would expect to use garlic in practically everything, who in fact use very little in their cooking: such as Japan and Italy. Both incidentally, the two countries ranking first and second respectively in the world league of life expectancy.
You’ll be surprised by what you’re able to achieve garlic free, while still retaining all the great flavour and taste of your ingredients.

The No Garlic Cookbook: Let the Flavour Flood In (No Garlic Cookbooks Book 1) by Keith Chamberlain-P2P
English |    ePUB reader  |  Food & Drink  | 2 MB
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A Guide to a Good Brownie by Teodora V-P2P

Оne wonderful way to tame our tendency to always want more is to persuade ourselves to want the things we already have.” said the ancient art of stoic joy in the pages of a “Guide to the Good Life.”
As you can figure it out – the name of this book is not discovered by chance. “A Guide to a Good Brownie” is your navigator to 12 out of the box brownies which will introduce you to the healthy dessert world.
“Healthy” doesn’t mean giving up on your favorite cakes but rediscover them via new mixtures and flavors.
Instructions, useful tips and tricks and full-color photography will escort you through these dairy-free, wholewheat recipes and help you enjoy the process of making your own “lab of tastes.”

A Guide to a Good Brownie: 12 exceptional brownies for tasty snacks and healthy desserts by Teodora V-P2P
English |    ePUB reader  |  Food & Drink  | 8 MB
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Italian Wines 2018 by Gambero Rosso-P2P

Now in its 21th edition, Italian Wines 2018 is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia 2018. More complete than ever, the guide reviews 2,485 wineries and a total of 22,000 wines, awarding the classic scores ranging from 0 to 3 Glasses according to the quality of the label. 436 wines received our experts’ highest rating this year. This is a fundamental and essential volume for all those who work in the sector or are interested in quality Italian wines.

Italian Wines 2018 by Gambero Rosso-P2P
English |    ePUB reader  |  Food & Drink  | 3 MB
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30 Years at Ballymaloe by Darina Allen-P2P

When Ballymaloe’s doors opened to students in 1983 there were 15 courses available. Now there are over 100, reflected in the recipes collected here, including curing meat, making gluten-free meals and sushi as well as learning forgotten skills like producing butter and cheese and beekeeping. The book chronicles how the school has been at the forefront of cooking and food trends since its inception, from Darina’s championing of the Slow Food movement and her highlighting the importance of using local, seasonal and fresh produce to installing a wood-burning oven and expanding its gardens so students can learn the importance of eating less meat and more veg and preserving heirloom varieties of produce. A fascinating insight into Ballymaloe, this is also a history of food over the past thirty years, from a time when Darina couldn’t get anything other than pre-packaged, grated Parmesan cheese to one where a local producer makes his own mozzarella.

30 Years at Ballymaloe: A celebration of the world-renowned cookery school with over 100 new recipes (Irish Cookery) by Darina Allen-P2P
English |    ePUB reader  |  Food & Drink  | 27 MB
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